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Professional Employment Screening

For over 20 years, NBIC  has been providing thorough, quality pre-employment background screening resources to discriminating clients who appreciate highly personalized service and affordability. We offer a wide range of services to help employers select the best candidates. All with a careful eye on compliance with federal & state laws and regulations. Our staff represents some 60 years of experience in investigative services, research and business and personnel management. Our work product is exceptional and always confidential.

Our Goal

We want to help you select the best possible candidate for your business.  As a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA), we work diligently to ensure your applicants are  carefully screened,  the information we provide is is as accurate & complete as possible, is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal & state laws.  Let us help reduce your...

Our Services

From criminal conviction histories and driving records to  employment credit reports and federal exclusion records, NBIC offers a wide range of background screening products to help you select the best applicants for your business.

Our Process

Clients, once subscribed to our services, submit applicant information via the web, by fax, email  or by phone.  There's no cost to subscribe.

We then complete the requested screenings and return our report, usually within one business day.  Services are very affordable, and we bill with net terms.



We are an E-Verify Designated agent.
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